Foreign Office Says Arnab Goswami’s WhatsApp Chat Exposed India’s Evil Plans


Pakistan’s Foreign Office (FO) has stated that Narendra Modi’s mouthpiece Arnab Goswami’s leaked WhatsApp chats regarding the Pulwama attack of 2019 have exposed India’s evil designs and vindicated Pakistan’s long-held position.

A FO spokesperson told the media that Pakistan has presented the world with irrefutable evidence of India’s state-sponsorship of terrorism against Pakistan as well as anti-Pakistan propaganda on an international level.

The transcripts included in the Mumbai police charge-sheet against the Republic TV anchor in the TRP case have further exposed India’s sinister designs and vindicated Pakistan’s long-held position.

The spokesperson added that the latest revelations have confirmed what Pakistan has long been pointing out regarding India’s BJP-led government’s ‘false flag’ operations.

India has been maligning Pakistan with terrorism-related allegations, stoking hyper-nationalism in the country, claiming to have launched the so-called ‘surgical strike’ and then deviously manipulating national sentiment in its bid to win elections.

He also stated that the pattern is unmistakable and had been repeated to suit the RSS-BJP regime’s electoral gains.

Pakistan had rejected India’s malicious propaganda right from the beginning and had highlighted that the biggest beneficiary of the Pulwama attack would be the BJP government.

The transcript of Goswami’s leaked chat reveals how the entire episode of the ‘false flag’ operation had been scripted for political mileage and had been carried to fruition. It also exposed the nexus between the Hindutva regime and its cohort in the Indian media.

On one hand, they show how far and deeply the extremist agenda of the RSS-BJP combine has permeated India’s institutions and pillars of the State, while on the other hand, they show how the rights and freedoms of Indian citizens and democratic values in Indian society are being seriously jeopardized through cynical manipulation.

The FO declared that Pakistan will continue to counter Indian lies with truth and will act firmly and responsibly in the face of India’s provocations.

The spokesperson hoped that the global community will take full cognizance of the situation and hold India accountable for its actions vitiating the regional environment and endangering the peace and security in South Asia.

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