Japanese Agency Selects 10 Startups from Pakistan


Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) recently released a list of the Top 10 innovative companies of Pakistan, which features three startups of University of Karachi (KU) students.

The companies Xord, Social Champ, and Sudofy are the said startups. The startups are contributing to the information technology sector of the country.

The Office of the Students Advisor, University of Karachi, organized a ceremony to commemorate and motivate the students, whose startups have been named in the Top 10 companies of Pakistan by JICA at the Vice-Chancellor Secretariat.

The KU Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dr. Khalid Mahmood Iraqi, congratulated the students and said that they are an inspiration to other students of the University of Karachi. “These companies are positively contributing to the software exports of Pakistan and are representing Pakistan globally,” he said.

He mentioned that these students are an asset to the University of Karachi and our country. Professor Dr. Khalid Iraqi also pointed out that recently KU has established a business incubation center to help and encourage students to come up with unique ideas and take them to a commercial scale.

Speaking about the potential of the students, he commented, “We know how much energy and potential there is in our students, we just need to tap into their potential and positively channel their energy for the benefit of this country.”

Later, Dr. Khalid presented the students with the University’s emblem.

KU Students Advisor, Dr. Syed Asim Ali, said that we organized this event to encourage and recognize the services of the students because somehow we have not been able to recognize and encourage the students who are running their own companies and are positively contributing to the country.

“Now we will invite students from all departments of the university and honor them because they are an inspiration to other students as well,” he said.

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