Turkish tech company Vispera looks to become key player in global market


Turkish technology company Vispera, which offers software developed in the field of machine vision and machine learning as a solution to the fast-moving consumer and retail sectors in 18 countries, has revved up its projects during 2020.

After starting projects with new customers it acquired in Turkey, India, Romania, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Brazil, Germany and Poland, the company looks to continue to take firm steps to become an important global technology company in 2021 with Vispera BV, which it recently established in the Netherlands.

Vispera founding partner and CEO Aytül Erçil stated that although some projects had stopped due to the pandemic in 2020, there were no cancellations.

Vispera has been providing solutions for image processing and data analytics in the retail industry in Turkey for a long time. The company enables physical or online stores to make sales analysis faster and error-free.

“2020 has been a successful year in which we were selected for Microsoft’s Scaleup and Intel’s Market Ready Solutions programs,” Erçil said.

“This year, we also developed our strategic partnerships with companies such as NVIDIA, Zebra and Atos SE. Storesense, one of our products, is currently used in 18 countries. Our Shelfsight product is also in the trial phase in store environments in Germany and Chile outside Turkey. In the first quarter of 2021, trials will begin in the United States. The pilot of our new product, Vispera Core, was successfully completed in 2020, and it will be used in the field in 2021,” she said.

100-employee mark

In order to adapt to changing market conditions, the 2021 goal of Vispera, which closes 2020 with two potential products developed for the smart internet of things (IoT) and e-commerce areas in the retail sector, is to bring these products to the industry level and then take them to market.

Having spent 2020 as the year of organizational growth and restructuring, Vispera increased its employment in the pandemic by 30% and rebuilt its structure within the company. Vispera is getting ready for 2021 with approximately 100 employees working in various departments and units.

Opportunity for growth

Vispera co-founder, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operating Officer Ceyhun Burak Akgül stated that they see the challenging conditions created by the 2020 global pandemic as an opportunity to learn, adapt and develop. “When the pandemic suddenly spread all over the world and therefore in our country, we showed a rapid reflex and ensured that all our systems continued to work uninterrupted and we would have the conditions for all our personnel to work remotely at the same efficiency,” Akgül noted.

“The artificial intelligence products we have developed and our goals increase the attention Vispera receives all over the world. In this sense, we anticipate that in 2021, we will find opportunities that will make Vispera more effective and more visible. By making use of these opportunities, we will take one step closer to Vispera’s goal of becoming a global technology company,” he said.

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