India Planning Another Fake ‘Surgical Strike’ in Pakistan


India is planning a surgical strike inside Pakistan to divert the world’s attention from the ongoing farmers’ protests led by Sikh farmers.

The statement has come from Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi in a press conference held in Abu Dhabi that was attended by both national and international media groups.

During the briefing, the Minister said that Pakistan has specific and reliable intelligence of Indian plans to attempt surgical strikes against Pakistan.

Qureshi also mentioned EU DisInfo Lab’s reported title Indian Chronicles that revealed India was running an organized malicious campaign against Pakistan since 2005.

He also noted that last month, Pakistan had unveiled a dossier that contained irrefutable evidence of India’s sponsorship of terrorism in Pakistan.

Referring to Foreign Minister’s press briefing in Abu Dhabi, the SAPM on National Security, Moeed Yusuf, said that Pakistan Army troops deployed at the eastern border have been on a high-alert since last week after intelligence agencies intercepted classified information which suggested India plans to attempt a surgical strike inside Pakistan.

Moeed Yusuf noted that India’s desperation has reached absurd levels after Pakistan exposed its acts of state-sponsored terrorism and EU DisInfo Lab’s report uncovered its media propaganda campaign against Pakistan.

He reminded the world that peace is a collective responsibility and it must prevent India from destabilizing the region in its attempt to divert attention from its domestic troubles.

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