Daraz and Careem are trading jabs on Twitter and the fans are loving it!


Every once in a while you encounter moments where brands take jabs at one another for their events or marketing strategies. Today is one such day when Daraz and Careem are taking turns to roast each other while the fans enjoy a comical ride.

It all started when a fan tagged Careem to introduce a campaign like Daraz Gyara Gyara:

And then Daraz Announce War.

Which is quite a lot of discounts to be precise.

Obviously, Careem wasn’t going to let this fly and it responded back:

Meanwhile Daraz says there are too many people to fit in one Careem car:

And Careem hit back that Daraz is copypasting Money Heist:

The war is not over yet as Daraz has responded:

Do you agree with Daraz?

Careem just did some serious math:

And they are demanding a response:

Daraz Gives response to its janta

Daraz is winning?

Careem hit back with some Professor Plan

Daraz Respond:

And after All this war they joined Hand in 50core promo.

In collaboration with Daraz.pk

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