A New Multi-Vendor Marketplace Startup HazirHai.pk


Hazirhai.pk comes with the idea to Provide Multi-Vendor Platform in Pakistan. Where anyone from Pakistan can sell there Product. Likes others for registering an account you need to pay first but in Hazirhai.pk there is no fee of Creating an Account or Publishing Products its totally free. Hazirhai.pk is Launched on 8 Oct 2020 right now there are less sellers and buyers.

How to Join HazirHai.pk

To Join Hazirhai.pk you just need your email address. Create an account by going on My Account Page. Register Yourself as Vendor Or As Customer and start selling & Buying Products.

A New Multi-Vendor Marketplace Startup HazirHai.pk 1

Why Hazirhai.pk?

Hazirhai.pk Provides Great Opportunity to local Sellers. Through Hazirhai.pk you can advertise your Product for free on all leading Social Networking sites. Not only this Delivery for Vendor and Buyers is also free.

Quality & Trust on Hazirhai.pk

Quality Matters


For Quality check Hazirhai.pk Team check Quality of Product its self first then pass it for delivery.

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