NIC’s Pitch Perfect Platform now open for everyone


The National Incubation Centre(NIC), Islamabad, has made their Pitch Perfect platform available for anyone in Pakistan; the announcement came on the NIC’s social media platforms yesterday, the 8th of September.

Pitch Perfect, designed for startups, gives these potential businesses a formal platform upon which they can practice and perfect their pitching skills. The program also involves getting a chance to pitch your idea in front of a panel of mentors.

The pitching process will involve a presentation in front of professional industry veterans. This panel will then give you and your team feedback; their opinions on how your presentation, your product or service, and/or your team can improve. The feedback received here can be used to improve upon your skills and services and be ready in time for a virtual, national level event, within which you and your team can, “hone your pitching skills and learn from the very best in the industry.”

The National Incubation Centre connects many a startups to their mentors and offers state-of-art facilities, along with seed funding. The workspace provides the startups with some much-needed exposure of the industry; startups learn how to work with one another as well as other organisations within their business.

Startups can apply for the Pitch Perfect program here.