Best Payment gateways in Pakistan to accept VISA, MasterCard UnionPay, and mobile wallets

best Paymet gateways in pakistan
best Paymet gateways in pakistan

Every Pakistani online business have a problem of receiving online payments through

Credit cards, debit cards, or mobile wallets.

Now there is no “Stripe” or PayPal in Pakistan to receive online payments then how will you receive payments from your customers?

After doing a lot of research we are with some best payment gateways. Now few in this list are receiving payments only in Pakistan and some allow to receive payments in the dollar also.

So let’s start!

1# 2checkout Payment Gateway

2checkout Pakistan

Using 2checkeout you can receive payment from any country and in any currency around the world. 2checkout has a fair pricing of 3.5%+0.35$. There are some cool features of using 2checkout.

Accept payment  from anyone and anywhere in the world

There hosted checkout offers 15 languages and 87 currencies, so you can offer a localized buying experience for your customers, whether they’re in Pakistan or Peru.

Sell Safely and Securely

2Checkout goes beyond the standard address verification and CVV check. At 2Checkout, we uphold over 300 standards that every transaction must pass through in order to be completed. We make sure that your business is safe so you can focus on what’s important – growing your business.

Switch quickly and easily

We make the move to 2Checkout a

virtually seamless process, so as not to interrupt the flow of business and ensure that your customers can continue to purchase your product.

Integrate checkout process smoothly

Your customers’ purchase experience will be consistent with your website and responsive to their device – all with little to no coding on your end.

Integration available with

You can integrate 2checkout plugins with Shopify, Woocommerce, Prestashop, and Opencart.
Open Your  2checkout Account Here.

2# payment gateway

safepay checkout is a Pakistani website that allows you to receive payments in Pakistani rupee and the dollar.

We have put this in number 2 because it receives payments in the dollar and PKR.

So what are the main features and benefits of using this platform?

 1# It is simple, secure, hassle-free, and mobile optimized.

 2# Developer and Business-friendly

Our comprehensive developer resources deliver powerful, adaptable, and quick to deploy payments integrations

We focus on payments technology so you can focus on your business and customers integration available with:

  1. Shopify 
  2. Magento
  3. Woocommerce
  4. Opencart
  5. WHMCS
  6. Custom Code


3.3%+RS 30 the fee is deducted form each successful transaction made using safepay.

Fee Details:

In the interest of transparency, we want to explain our pricing structure.

There are no hidden Safepay fees and agreeing to these rates helps us keep the lights on and our computers powered so we can continue to provide you with unparalleled support and convenience – keeping you in business and your customers happy

3$ to acquiring bank, issueing bank and card network.

0.3% to support our development and serive for you

RS 30 to support our development and serive for you

How to open account click here.

#3 Pay Fast payment gateway

payfast pakistan

Accept digital payments from bank accounts, mobile wallets and UnionPay scheme cards from customers. Automate and accelerate your payment acceptance today.

Some features and benifits of using Pay Fast.

Easy Integration

Integrate with ease to accept payments via cards, Account number & Mobile Wallets.

Product Guides

Offer detail insight about products and services. To learn more please see our product guide.


PCI-DSS Compliant solution to enhance security layer and safeguard against potential threats.

Multiple Payment Modes

Offer extensive range of payment methods includes debit & credit cards (powered by Visa,MasterCard & Unionpay),Account number and mobile wallets of partner banks


Provides reports with detail statistics about transactions,refund and much more to provide you insight about your business.

Built for Developers

Powerful developer friendly rest APIs and plugins for all major platforms that allows you to integrate with a dynamic payment plateform

Fraud Management System

All our transactions are put through an FRMS to detect fraudulent and risky orders

visit website from here