Cyber Bullying In Pakistan

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Cyber bullying has been a major global crisis since the invention of the internet. Young people especially girls’ are facing online violence, cyber-bullying and digital harrassment on online platforms in Pakistan. It is the sort of bullying in which e-mails, websites or any other electric communication is used to offend or humiliate someone, giving offensive remarks about individual or saying anything that could be problematic in nature. Making fake accounts or cyber stalking is very common these days. People are being sexually harassed through social media as well like leaking their personal pictures and videos or sometimes  they edit the pictures and videos by themselves. It is causing depression and anxiety on people being bullied. Kids, that are bullied are likely to experience loneliness, unhappiness, and poor sleep.

Making the issue worse is the fact that such negative effects of bullying often go unnoticed, as many victims feel the need to conceal the fact that they are being bullied because they are embarrassed or afraid of further bullying. More often that not victims respond passively to bullying. They tend to act anxious and appear less confident. They may become quiter in class and, as a result, the bullying can become a hindrance on their academic success. Some of the people even try to commit suicide, report say the suicide rate has increased by 11% worldwide due to cyber bullying, resulting in the death of 140 teens a year. According to a study done among 25 countries, Pakistan takes 22nd place for the highest rate of cyber bullying. Pakistan has been included in the list of fastest growing countries that are using Internet which is why cyber crime is increasing.

A new report by the Digital Rights Foundation (DRF) said, DRF’s cyber harassment helpline reported 2023 cases or 146 calls every month during 2019-accounting for 45 percent of the overall complaints received in the last three years. “This is an alarming increase in the number of cases overtime and a disturbing upward trend in cyber harassment.” DRF said in a statement at least 57 percent of the complaints are from women who registered personal complaints, followed by 30 percent men who had called the helpline, the report stated. Most of the cases reported were from Punjab (57 percent), followed by sindh (15 Percent). Majority of the callers were aged between 21 and 25 years. Although the report is based on 2019 data, Nighat Dad, the executive director of DRF, a research and advocacy NGO, said the organization witnessed an exponential increase in the number of cases since the Corona virus pandemic and the consequent lock down this year. “In the months of March and April, we saw an increase of 189 percent as compared to January and February,” she said.

To avoid cyber bullying we should use social media properly because social media is not dangerous but it’s use can be. Just to increase followers and friends list people use to add everyone with them without knowing the person. And, this is very unsafe so we should only add people we know. Whenever we upload our personal pictures we should customize and restrict them so that not everyone can see. People should keep their social accounts secured and create some strong password which no one can easily guess. People hack the accounts if the password is too easy and try not to share the password with anyone. By taking care of these points, we can stay safe from a big trouble like cyber bullying.  People being cyber bullied must report against the bullier, so that someone can take strict action against them. It can help protecting the upcoming youth from being cyber bullied.

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Via: @Ayesha Ilyas