Facebook Alternative Social Media App in Pakistan

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main qimg b0c126b12e65b510a1c44dab5c4c885a

Recently Supreme Court Hint at Banning YouTube in Pakistan. If PTA banned YouTube again in Pakistan so it will impact hardly to the content Creators who are earning from YouTube.

Its look like the next Target of Banning Social Media App is Facebook. If Facebook is banned in Pakistan so the number of Business earning and marketing will stop

so the Question is that:

Does Pakistan Have Social Media App like Facebook?

Yes, Get Group of Lahore launched a social media platform like Facebook in 2016. The name of the Pakistani Social Media is SocioOn. People from all over the world are the users of SocioON who create accounts over SocioON to use social media only or to do business activities / make money online or to do both i.e. earn money while socializing

The SocioON provides the following features:

  • This is Free and will always will be
  • It allows you to sign up/create account
  • When you sign up at SocioON it allows you to Login with your Email id and Password
  • SocioON acts as a complete Social as well as online business shop tool. It provides you a complete social and business platform to track and manage your business, and social accounts.
  • SocioON is for everyone i.e. those who want to do business, create online business shops and post advertisement and for those who want to use a social network to earn money
  • It allows you to manage your shops, posts, pages, advertisements, earnings, spending and friends.
  • Allows you to add money into your account/recharge your account using PayPal, Mobicash, Easypaisa, Omni and Western Union.
  • User can also withdraw the money from their accounts
  • SocioON allows you to manage the social side (add/delete friends into your friend list) as well as business side (add/delete products into your shop).
  • Allows you to do live chat through iON Messenger with friends/family and business contacts separately.
  • Allows you to put your privacy settings the way you want
  • Allows to sell and buy (earn and spend)
  • Allows to do actions like/dislike/comment/share/feed/promote
  • Allows to join any favorite political party page to keep yourself updated
  • Allows you to watch and post videos, videos can be posted from YouTube and daily motion etc by just copy and pasting URLs
  • Allow user to enable Great Job feature for his/her own post and earn money whenever it is awarded by someone else, this money will directly go to the account of post owner.

socioOn provides good service but the Question is that it will Work like Facebook? Does SociOn have Data Protection Law???

Let us know in comment what you think About this Alternative Social Media App