Supreme court hints at banning YouTube again in Pakistan

9 17 2012 68079 l thumb
9 17 2012 68079 l thumb

Supreme Court of Pakistan hints at banning YouTube in Pakistan over objectionable content published using this platform. Justice Qazi Amin stated

“We are not against freedom of expression and masses have right to discuss our performance and decisions as we take salaries from public money but constitution also provides us right of personal life but users of social media and YouTube are targeting our families, Masses are being provoked against country’s army, government and judiciary.”

Justice Amin further stated that there is a limit to everything and their tolerance is running low over the content being shared. He has also asked Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to check and scrutinize content being published. He further said, many countries have banned YouTube due to same reasons and others control content via local laws that keeps everything in check.

It seems, authorities in Pakistan have resorted to banning everything rather than ensuing a regulatory framework that can help keep things in balance. The recent ban on social media apps and PUBG has already made things tense in the country with youth condemning Telco’s decisions.