How To Access WhatsApp Web

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naming correct box

According to Report! There 1 Billion users using WhatsApp everday in diferrent Mobiles and different OS. But few of us know that in 2015 WhatsApp launch its Website service called WhatsApp Web. WhatsApp has added many new features in there WhatsApp web to make it more stable for using as WhatsApp mobile

So if you want to use Whatsapp in your PC or laptop you must have to know that how to access it in your Browser.

1. Open WhatsApp in Browser

You can easily access Whatsapp Web in your computer or PC browser by typing.

WhatsApp Web
Main screen of WhatsApp web

2. Open Your Mobile WhatsApp

To access your Whatsapp web you need stable connection on your mobile. Open the Mobile Tap menu bar and select WhatsApp Web it will open your camera point out the camera in WhatsApp Web bar code to access your Whatsapp in your browser.

Whatsapp mobile
This is Mobile WhatsApp Menu Bar click on WhatsApp Web to sacn QR code

3. Start Messaging in WhatsApp Web

After Scanning QR code your WhatsApp screen will apper all your chats and data comes to WhatsApp Web you can also easily logout from web view by clicking on Menu Bar in WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp Web view
  • Send Message & Receive
  • Send and receive Photos & Video
  • Send and Receive Documents
  • & much more

Your all messages are encrypted as same as WhatsApp Mobile.


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