Leisure Club Pakistani Online Clothing Brand


Leisure Club is a brand that caters to a younger generation of people in Pakistan. It was started in 1997 by Sefam Pvt. Ltd., the same company that also produces Bareeze. At that time it was ahead of the curve, as there were barely any brands that produced trendy and chic clothes for younger people in Pakistan. Producing quality clothes which also have contemporary designs, Leisure Club is a great store for one’s casual wear. The brand has regular updates on their fashion lines. With summer approaching they have added in a new installation to their catalogue. The men’s summer segment has gotten a refreshing lot for the new season as well. Men can find trousers, shorts, T-shirts and shirts.

Men’s lower wear

A newer introduction is a randomly patterned stonewashed pair of jeans. There is also a version of jeans that are a cross between tracks and denim, with a string tie at the waist. These are for people who may want something other than the usual tracks. They serve multiple functions, one can run in them and also be out in something that looks like denim.
One can also find their need for casual pants met at Leisure Club. The chinos have a lot of colour options, many of them are the shorter style that shows ‘mankles’, a man’s ankles. The brand also has a range of shorts that are either in a slightly thicker jersey, denim or cotton. The latter being slightly more neat looking shorts one can wear out to an evening in the summer.

Leisure Club

Men’s shirts

Using a lot of graphic and stylised art, Leisure Club has a decent amount of variety in their t-shirt range. It is common to find the logos of superheroes from comics, both from DC and Marvel.
There are some graphics representing animals as well, such as a leopard and the national animal of Pakistan; the markhor. Some T-shirts have patterns as well, but these are not too loud.
Leisure Club has Polo shirts, as they have come to be known. One can find an ample amount of variations with them. These are a great hit in summer as the material is porous and thus
breathable. Casual shirts are also featured, with simple and neat designs and fabric that is thin cotton. Again a better option for summer.

Leisure club man cloths

Why opt for Leisure Club

There was a time it was tough to find quality clothing in Pakistan that was stitched the western format. That too in trendy styles that were relevant to the times one was living in. Leisure Club is one of the original brands for the younger generation, it has maintained its design edge and quality. The latter being crucial as clothes are an investment and thus should last as well. The materials used at Leisure Club are high quality, as is the stitching, this helps ensure one won’t end up with clothes that are redundant after a few wears.

Leisure Club is not just about the quality, they have kept the prices competitive.You can explore leisure club prices online. This makes their clothes accessible to a lot more people. To top that they often have sales, which can be up to 30%, allowing customers to save even more while shopping.
The fact that it is a 100% Pakistani product can be respected.