Instagram Live is also coming to the web version of the app

Screenshot 20200417 1438122
Screenshot 20200417 1438122

Instagram has been working on making a user friendly version web version for some time now. This has been the reason that they have been focusing less on some of their other products as well.

Recently, the platform rolled out access to Direct messages through web and now they have another option for the users.

Given that with the ongoing pandemic the majority of people around the globe are spending more and more time online. Therefore, we get to see many and as some would say a bit too many live sessions on all the major social media platforms. To the extent that there are not memes on the subject as well.

Well like it or not, people are going to continue doing this and admit it or not we are watching these live sessions. Instagram is now working on giving users the option to watch these Instagram Live sessions on desktop or laptops directly as well. There is also going to be the option to cross promote the streams with proper URLs as well.

Web for Instagram

The Instagram Live web stream, will have a compressed view and it will separate the comments from the video, showing them side by side. The result will be that you will not be utilizing your full screen but you will be getting a better viewing experience. This view experience on the mobile app version has been getting mixed reviews, with everything being jumbled in and the quality of the visuals compared to the Facebook and YouTube versions.

In addition to this, the web version means that the Live sessions will be getting their own specific URLs which will help with the promotion of these sessions as well.

Only time will tell as to how many people are going to opt for the web version as Instagram is seen and used mostly through the app version but given the way digital world is operating, the web live traffic might just connect with the audience as we yet don’t know for how long we are going to be in lockdown and people are going to get more creative with their connectivity.

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