China to invest PKR 2 billion for smart university transformation project in Pakistan

Screenshot 20200412 2125552
Screenshot 20200412 2125552

China will be investing in Pakistani universities to modernize with smart classrooms in a project to transform public universities in the country to smart campuses.

For this, China will provide Pakistan with an unrequited assistance of PKR 2.048 billion for completion of the smart university transformation project.

The project belongs to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) framework to promote Pakistan’s economic and social development. The first phase of the pilot program includes 50 public universities, according to, a Chinese news website.

The project aims to create a more attractive university environment by introducing advanced digital technologies in universities. The project will also focus on developing distance education and promoting cultural progress, thereby expanding the influence and coverage of university education.

According to the agreement signed by China and Pakistan, the project covers a total of 124 public universities, and 400 smart classrooms need to be prepared, including 200 classrooms in the first phase of the pilot.

The recent lockdown and the need for universities to innovate has highlighted the gaping hole in the higher education sector of the country. Despite this, many universities were able to come up with useable equipment to help with the situation.